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-3 accually worse for you than -3 potato chips... tomorrow oo 3pccutionssareeswirling about ray lewis using a banned he'ssresponding & and what ttis means ffr sunday's ame. 33& preventing anotherrschool one local school dissrict is doing tookeep studentsssafe. &p3 and.. the weather just caa't wiil get tooay.. and when some -√°thundeestorms√° couud roll in. -3 33 3 wednesdaa, januaay 33th 3 p - 3 3
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3 -3 3 &p3 amid all the superbowl controversy.a magazine artiile -3 accuses ray lewis offusing a banned
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substance..- substance.megan gilllland is &phere with ore on whattthis -3 means forrthe legendary linebackkr and sunday's bii game. & 3 ggod morning ggysit wwssthis -3 playofff ame aaainst the polts... thattray lewis returned to the field after & tearing hii tricep mmscle reporttby sports illlstrattd says... ii was a substance & called deer antler spray that helped him recovvr so quickll. 3 mitchhross... tte wner f -3 sporttswith alternativessto steroids says he assisted - lewissin his injury rehab.ross sayy he providee he products preeeof charge... ii return... he ttld ewis to tell the &p3 (mitch oss)(1:500 ray leeis is ot wroon for using this protocol.alabaaa playerssare not wronn for getting on the protocol they are acttally & smart because they are saving iijury....ross claims he prescribee a program which aad testosteeone.deee velevett -3 has been used in chinese
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medicine for centuries... and - whhle doctors saa its hhrmlesss.. he suustance is bannnd by theenfl. 3 now innhis 17th yearrwith the n-f-l.... lewis hhs never -3 ffiled a drug teet.and unllss &phe comes out and ays heedid use the substanne... sourcess sayy e will play n sunday..- hereefrom theemannhimself.... &pand what heehas o sayyabout the allegaaions coming uu in -&p30 minutes.i'm megann -3 3 a mmryland man is mmking --3 headliies for uying ticketss po the super bowl... then sslling them oo eebay.but the & crazz part... is he didn't do &ppt to turn aprofit.&pmove is artt f annefffot to & give back to thoss who need it most. rth ppttthh tickets on e--ay... sking for a total f 3-thousand 5-hhndredddolllrs. -3all proceees willl o o "sarah's hope"... an emergenny shelter in baltimore that serves homeless womennand -& children.ruth issa lonn time volunteer... and sayy that organnzation wiih a cchck...
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woull mean more to him ttan sitting on the siidlinessin new orleans.
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3& phingg ttat we have." have."the trophy will be on 3 allng withhotterrmemorbilia fromm uper bool 35... llke brian illick's playbook... and the jersee worn by -j -3&&pbrigance. 3& we hhae you covered oo our - website... all the way llading up o super bool &pdot com and click on the "ray's last ide" banner at the top oo thh ssceen..ouu'l & playyrs... stories onnthe 33 reeattd siies.yyu can alsoo &pclick on "harbaugh versus harrauug" toofind a age dediccted toosuper bowl has all the innormaaionn leading up to this suuday'ss game... iicludiig facts n all &p46 pass suppr bools get ptarted by goiiggto ox baltimore dot com. another policeeinvolved 3 days. thh shoooing happened just before 7 o'cllck -3 tuesday night... n pimlico - road near sevvlle aveeue in
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park heights. nveetigators say officces were aareaay porkiig the rea becaase f ffw recent violent cciies... whee tteyyhearr unnirr. officers then spottee a an - walling down he street -3holding gun.policc confronted im... hen & exchanged gunfire... hitting the ssspect seveeal times in his upper body. &p3 dept. comm. skinner) "yoo & have to ook at each & circumstance innividually. 3 probably preeented annther they're doinggexactly whattwe -3ask them to do. ttey're -3 engaging really iolent - offfnders with guns out in the commuuity. some of the circumstances from this weekend ii very, very simillr to that.""- that." nooofficers werr hurt. meaatime... the & suspect is at ssnai hhspital with what oliie are alling non-life hreetening njuries. 3 anne arundel county execctive john leopold is found guiity of misconduct in fffce. office.leopold as convicted of two counts... for using his &ppolice security deeaal to perform all kinds of personal & ann polittcal choressa woman who once worked or leopold... and whh as now filedda civvl 3 reects o the guiily verdict.
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-3 3& (hamner) "i would vvnture to pay.....remooe this man." a entenning date has nnt yet 3 33&pfebruarr is ffeezingg.. soo we'rr warring you up.. by giving away cold hard cash.'s our free-bru-aay we're giving away 100--dollars pn hour.ii we all your name -3 but yoo don't call in.. yyur prize rolls over innootte neet &phour for sommone else to all in and win! to ggt your name in the box.. go to facebook dot com slash &poxbbatimore and fill ouu the form.yyu can also go here tto reed complete contest rrles. coming up on te early editton... prosecutorrsare &ptargettng the reeatives of michael johnnoo. joonson. the
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3&((buup in)) 3 ((2-shot toss to wwather))
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3 3 ((ad lib meteorologiss))
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3 ((traffic reporttr ad ibs)) &pmap 395 map 195 maa
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344 maap 3 -
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3& some couples take a yearror -3&pmore to plan theirrwedding.but weere doing ittinnjust one's our weddinggin a week contest... and you cann enter to wwn n aal- exppnsee- paid weddiig... on us. nter.. tell us in a should winnsenddyour entry o west 41st stteet in baltimoree. 1211... 3 oo llg nno foxbalttmmre dot com to enttr... bb sure to readdthe official rulee nn - innlude a photo ith yyuu ntrry entryyand it'' all brought to youuby the baltimoreebridal show at tte baltiiore ccnventionncenter february 2nd and 3rdd 3 pttll to cooe... the relatives of michael johnson are on the hhttseat. grrlling ffom the rooecution and he ppssibilty of a - coverup. 3 thee ig easy is looking for super boost in to get new rleans back on - 3 ((break 2))
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3- & 3&p ttough no one's been charged....the liie oof questioning by prosecutors on & tuesday suggests relattves of & michaee johnson maa kkow morre about the killing of hylicia barnes thenthey're leettng oo.. joy lepola... investigates how -3&ppracking thhse... closest to the accused kiiler... could -3 johnson. p3 ((pkg)) basee n testimony - regaadiig thh wheeeabouts of those closest to suspeeced kiiler michael johnson.... the stateeis piecinn tooether it's indivvduall
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may have played in helpiig johnson cover up the - crime. one by ooe... relatives of johnsons... answered quustions on whhre thhe weee the aayphylicia & barnes' went missingg kevin - joonson is michhel's coosin &p... he lived in the apartmmnt & the nortt carolina teen vanished from. kevvn works puuiness the states supbeaoned & recordd from in reffrence to cars michaal johnson rented - prior to and following phylicia's disaapearrnce. & he as questioned about - internet ssarches he did the &pday affer phylicca was reported missing. specifiially those searches on staad up as the state tried to map out where johhnsn wws.... jurors heerd from one tt the & first detectives brought innto - pnnvsttgate the teen's dissppearance and hho it was kepttquiet because offfamily ties toothe pd. search -3warrant at well in downtown baltimore joy leeola pox 45 news aatten.
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3 straight aheadd.. 3 ew ooleans is pprmed for the spee stage. the extensive work to rebuild the city aad phe massive ccst. -3&
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3((breek 3)) & 3 p3 it has noo been easy for the big easy toorevive tourism
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3 hurricane katrina.but as phe super bowl in ttwn,,new - offf hatts been accommlissed since the storm strrck. struck. 3 --reporter pkg-as followw-- whateeer thh final score s sunday, there's oneeclear -3& winner in the big eass: the the big game mmans big bucks 3 here, cellbbating aad spending. "it ii good food o matter mattee wheee you go, and good peopll. the people are ss - hospitable, they are so welcominn ann friendly - and you cannttbbat the weatter." & pocal officials say hosting super bowl forty-seven inspired one-poont-three billion dollars in innrastructure improveeents-- includdng downtown sidewalks... -3 enhannemenns at thh superdome....nd moreethan - eleven million ollars of road peppirs in the french quarter. "i thhin that his is jjst & another building block to nee - orreann being rebuilt and centurr where everybody woull want o be."at louus aamstrong international airpprt a & massivv makeover has been - under way -- everything fromm the resttoomm to the runways has been renovated to welcome hundreds of nnl officcals and thoosanns of membees f the medda ii ttwn, fans areehhving -3 a tough time ffndinn afffrdable hotel ooms -- aad tickkts to the gamm -- sking ppices for those are starting at twoothousand dollars
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apiece." but those who do akk the trip are getting a double dose of fun for theii innvstment."the iconic celebration for new orleans -3&&ppear after year has been mardi plopped iinoothe middle f it aal. so we hhve not onlyythe parades nd thh excitement of & that faamly celebration whhch & is mardi ras ut yyu have all the excctementtof the nfl.""i think it's the perfect sttrm of pprty aamosphere between thh superrbowl, mardi gras and - jjst the general amosphhre of new orleans anywaa, so, it's & just thh greatest." thii three-weekk-arry, dubbed & psuper gras" by the locals, is expected to briig well over a half billionndollars in eeonomic accivityy-- that's music to tte ears of city --3leadersswho are still working hard to attract pre-katrinn &pvvsitoo numbbrs."and again, we'vv used the suuer bowl aas our goal line to get to, but iipacttfor many morr eers to &pcomee"givvnn resideets offthis 10-time-super-bowl-city sometting to cheer about, long 3 carlos diaz, cnn, ew ooleans. coming p... poming up... &
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3&pcomiig up... & 3 it's better late the never... paid offfhis et... and perforred the ray lewis ance..-& acccsaaions are ssirlinn about ray lewis sing a banned he's rrsponding ann what this mmans ffr 3 3 bthh- bob menendez
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3 last spriig, seeret service agents on offiiial travel to colombia hired prostitutes. the scandal broke hen one -3 agent idn't pay his prostitute the agreee amount. in a televisedd nterviee, new - denounceddtheeagents' behavior. & [sot] "if the faats aae true, daassearlier menendez -3 reportedly did thh exact saae &pthing. exxept he hiied wo prostitttes. failed to payy& them the agreed amount of money. and hey were underage. also inna foreign ccunnry. federal crime to travel tt a foreign country to hhve sex &pwith children.menendez went o frommthe island nation on the -3 private jee offa campaignn reported aaywhere in his mandattry ethics and cammaiin filings as required by law ann senate gets worse. 3&poo abc's this eekkwith artha &ppaddatz. then the news roke
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33 the fbi for using nderage &pprostitutessiinmoot casee, someone would cancel their tv appearancc. enendez didn't.. & pparently he as confident raised.. annhonest jurnaaist wouldn't allow his exclusivv opportunity to pass without asking him aboot it.however, 3 menendez about the biggest -on this story visit behhnd the &us oo witter and faccbookki'm mark hyman
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